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keywords: concept design with: Margherita Bacigalupo, Patrizia Marti (University of Siena), Claudio Moderini, Domenico Pisaturo (Domus Academy) project proposal

2006 - This is a project proposal for the design of the Dubai Metro Control Centre, envisioned by a multi-faceted team. In this proposal we move from recent developments within media spaces and interaction design, as a basis for the design of environments, tools and technologies to support collaborative work. The space we designed is adaptive in relation to context, highly configurable and activity centered (not merely technology centered). The proposal is related both to the physical layout and the information flows design. The Info Wall - defining the work space - is a dynamic display which provides different layers of information depending on the activities and actors involved.


keywords: service design, animation project leader: Mario Desideri with: Cecilia Berengo client: Regione Toscana

2006 - Galileo is the new European satellite launched to provide GPS information. Regione Toscana is equipped with a strong infrastructure of spatial data concerning cartography, 3D views, databases on roads etc. We started thinking about application scenarios in which the geo-referenced information provided by Galileo may become a service to citizens in terms of mobility and intelligent access to transportation networks. This also entailed the opportunities for the companies involved in the services development. We envisioned 4 scenarios based on different user profiles focusing both on local and regional transport.


keywords: concept design, animation with: Linda Barsotti, James Ennis self-founded research project under the brand Positiveflow

2004/05 – This project is an attempt to re-design the way we produce and use energy: we envisioned the shipping of information and energy in parallel means, across generations and lifestyles. The energy unit (TOC) is the main element of the envisioned system: it can be self-produced, exchanged, bought together with products, won… it can be stored in an energy container (PIGGY) and used as a currency to buy services. This work aims to open doors to new collaborations among heterogeneous actors (suppliers, service providers, retail, public administrations, citizens) and to create active awareness about energy resources and consumption.


keywords: multimedia, dissemination project leaders: Patrizia Marti (Deep Blue), Claudio Moderini (Domus Academy) with: Margherita Bacigalupo client: Eurocontrol

2004 - The Crea! training tool is an interactive product to support designers in applying the Crea! design approach - a structured way to design for innovation in complex domains. The process presents a pool of techniques for creative design, and the tool is intended as a scaffold for designers to understand how to manage the differents steps of the process by providing them with clear indications for the input, output and milestones of the different phases. It is a guided path (wizard) - displayed through a physical shape as if it was an object - and provides a clear interface to the activities.


keywords: concept design, user centered design, dissemination project leaders: Patrizia Marti (Deep Blue), Claudio Moderini (Domus Academy) with: Margherita Bacigalupo, Chiara Diana client: Eurocontrol

2003/04 - The main objective of the Crea! programme was to define an inter-disciplinary approach to design in Air Traffic Management that encourages intersections between art, design and technology for the definition of innovative concepts. This project envisioned new working scenarios for the Air Traffic Controllers and defined a system of 5 elements, integrated in a common space of interaction where they communicate with each other, supporting collaboration and information exchange. The work was carried out in collaboration with users, who evaluated the prototypes and provided advices to refine solutions.


keywords: concept, user centered design project leaders: Patrizia Marti (Deep Blue), David Nicholls (RMC Consultants) with: Paolo Battino, Simone Pozzi client: Eurocontrol

The Uncertainty project explores new visual languages to present complexity over time to Air Traffic Controllers, starting from the assumption that complexity is on of the main causes of uncertainty. We developed an activity scenario in which this new representation is applied to a real situation; the proposals were evaluated with users, who provided advices to refine solutions.


keywords: concept design, animation I-Design Master final project, Domus Academy supervised by Claudio Moderini + Fujitsu

2002 - Alibaba+ improves the potentiality of a digital system through a physical environment that contains the qualities of an ephemeral architecture (the evocation of flexibility, the scenographic value and the surprise feeling) which belongs to users. Alibaba+ enables the audience to play with it and to build their own working space. The operating system is the architecture of the material elements, but taken the net as a metaphore, every combination is valid and constraint-free. Information is the third dimension and contributes to the visual quality of the environment - it becomes part of the structure and can also be the medium to provide the space with new light configurations and scenography.

graphic design projects


keywords: typography, corporate identity, web design with: Paolo Battino Viterbo client: LDP - laboratorio di progettazione

2006/07 –Architects deal with layouts, drawings, writings and their attitude to design emerges across all these activities. Thus we realised that the best logo for an architecture studio would be the projects themselves. Thus we decided to look at typography: we designed a new font and we used it to re-style all the printed output of the studio, from logotype to portfolio, deliverables, website and stationery. Colors are used to decline the 2 identities of the studio: architecture projects and GIS applications. LDP website is under construction and will be soon published.


keywords: corporate identity, web design client: Deep Blue consulting and research

2003/06 - Deep Blue is a human factors and safety consultancy providing solutions to industry and the public sector in the field of transportation. It applies a user-centred approach and proposes new opportunities for innovation: this approach is its added value and it is quite peculiar in the domain. We kept this in mind while designing its corporate identity, trying to be institutional and not conventional at the same time. The visual language is characterized by rounded shapes and plucky colors, the logotype is the sinthesys of a curious eye, looking towards the future. Deep Blue skills and services were visualised taking inspiration from the public transport graphics.


keywords: dissemination, multimedia, animation client: Adaptronics Research Lab

2006 – Robotsatplay is an international event promoted by University of Southern Denmark and its Adaptronics Research Lab. Its scope is the dissemination of the state of the art of research in the field of robotics to a wide public - kids, schools, courious people. Robotsatplay prize is an international competition awarding the most playful robotic system in terms of interaction and potential activities. We designed an interactive movie to introduce the candidates to the audience, leading the public to the proclamation of the prize winner. The presentation can be browsed with a keyboard and contains videos and images within an appealing layout. Funkstar Deluxe’s features the soudtrack of the movie with his RoboMusic tunes.


keywords: dissemination, multimedia, animation with: Paolo Battino Viterbo client: European Commission

2005 – MFF Programme (Mediterranean Free Flight) investigated innovative scenarios for Air Traffic Management across European skyes. The aim of this multi-media presentation is the dissemination of the aims, key activities and results of the programme, enabling interested people to gain an insight into the programme in a dynamic and attractive way. The information structure lies over a main horizontal thread, on which optional vertical in-depth layers can be explored. The user can decide either to focus on visual representation or textual contents. The challenge of this project was to communicate complex technical concepts with drawings and animations.

web design projects


topic: art with: Paolo Battino Viterbo client: Daina Maja Titonel

2007 – This website collects the work of the painter Angelo Titonel, one of the key figures of the Italian "magic realism". His works of art are the cornerstone of this website. The works are displayed within an invisible graphic space, surrounded by discreete navigation tools. The extreme simplicity of the browsing modality allows the user to relax and enjoy the virtual exibition as a slideshow, as well as to go straight to a specific image. The website has been built in html/css.



topic: corporate, architecture with: Paolo Battino Viterbo client: LDP - laboratorio di progettazione

2006/07 – After defining the corporate identity for this architecture studio, we addressed the design of the website, which contains a huge archive of works. Images from LDP works had a primary role in the development of the page layout - they are the starting point for an exploration of the studio history, which deals with architecture, urbanism and GIS info systems. The site is compliant with both accessibility and css standards.


topic: corporate, research with: Paolo Battino Viterbo client: Deep Blue consulting and research

2003/06 - Deep Blue is a human factors and safety consultancy providing solutions to industry and the public sector in the field of transportation. After defining the corporate identity, we addressed the re-design of the web presence, after 3 years from the publication of the previous version. We designed the website as a dynamic information container, to be used both for external (dissemination about Deep Blue activities) and internal use (presentations, printouts etc). The website runs over a Word Press application and enables a fast and easy update.



topic: art client: Mario D'Angelo

2006 – A web-portfolio for the freelance photographer Mario D’Angelo. Grayscales and B/W - recalling the atmosphere of the darkroom - smoothly surround the images. In addition to grays, the china red color is the leading thread that underlines the information architecture. Alongside the definition of the visual language and interactions, the choice and cataloguing of the pictures has been fundamental to trace Mario’s artistic career. The website has been developed in flash.



topic: music, events with: Paolo Battino Viterbo, Marco Valentini protography: Trine Zernial client: la situazione

2006 – la situazione is a crew, quite present on the roman scene, that produces electronic music and spreads it through several projects and events. Their web presence is multi-coloured and represents the crew vision with a visual language inspired by street signals mixed with every-day images - it is an work in progress to which many different artists and friends contribute. The website has been developed in flash and html/css.



topic: research, dissemination project leader: Patrizia Marti (Deep Blue) with: Paolo Battino Viterbo client: European Commission

2005 – MFF Programme (Mediterranean Free Flight) investigated innovative scenarios for Air Traffic Management across European skyes. The scope of this website is the dissemination of the programme final results. We designed a clear and simple layout to provide interested people – belonging to different domains – with contents and resources. We worked on the visualisation of complex technical concepts and translated them in illustrations and animations. The website is compliant with xhtml/css standards.




keywords: illustration, animation project leader: Cecilia Berengo with: Francesco Bonomi (Silab) client: Regione Toscana

2005 - Regione Toscana implemented a simulation videogame - targeted to children - aiming at promoting good practices on environmental care. I drew and animated the game characters. The game was presented and played during the "Festa della Geografia!" in Florence and it was distributed in primary and junior high schools.


keywords: illustration client: Gaspare Pellegrino

2004 - I designed the cover for the documentary Kaiowa - an Indio tribe living in the village of Panambizinho, Brazil. The documentary portraits how the Brasilian state is selling their ancestral territories. It was distributed by the British ONG Survivor and received the Critics Award at Novaracinefestival 2004.


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